Wealth Master Plan Training Course

Learn How You Can Earn More Money, Keep More Money, And Grow Your Money The Right Way… Even If You’re A Complete Beginner

Are you ready to finally get on the right path to financial freedom?

What You'll Learn Inside This Program…
  • Maximize your cash flow and know exactly what to do with your monthly cash flow
  • Eliminate all of your high-interest debt that's keeping you enslaved to creditors
  • Optimize your investments so you can build REAL wealth
  • Protect your family from life's biggest risks
  • Develop a crystal-clear strategy for ALL aspects of your financial life
No matter where you are starting from today…

I want to help you take control of your financial future and get absolutely clear on WHERE you want to go and HOW you plan on getting there!

The difference between taking action now and procrastinating could literally be the difference between being able to live free of financial worries, or constantly struggling and stressing out about money for the rest of your life!

The sad truth is that the majority of people aren’t financially independent by retirement age, and most people aren’t able to live a worry-free life in their prime young years…

I want to help you join the minority of people that are on the right track to achieving their financial goals.

The reason most people don’t take action is because they don’t have proven tools, techniques or the support for increasing their income and building wealth. And that’s exactly why I created the Wealth Master Plan Program! This exclusive program is all about giving you the tools, knowledge, support and accountability for you to take control of your financial future.

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their money moves, and it’s never too late to learn how.

Why am I qualified to help you?

My name is Nikki Dunn, and I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

I have over a decade of experience in:

  • Working with professionals & investors to improve their mindset around money
  • Teaching do-it-yourself investors how to build “wealth compounding machines”
  • Tax saving strategies for professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Helping professionals build an achievable plan for retirement
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Growing businesses

Whats Inside The Training Course..

Module 1: Laying The Foundation & Gaining Control

Building wealth starts with making sure your financial foundation is solid.

This is the module that is going to set you up for success.

In this module, I walk you through how to set money goals and prioritize them so that you know where to focus right away.

You’ll learn what kind of investor you want to be, and get familiar with the roadmap to your definition of financial freedom.

Module 2: Cash Flow Maximization
Cash flow (Your income minus your expenses), is the vehicle that will drive you to living your best money life.

I help you get “cash flow clarity” by uncovering what your cash flow looks like today, and how to increase it.

You’ll make sure your emergency fund is properly structured and invested, as well as learn how to extinguish debt, fast.

Got minor children that you’d like to invest for? You’ll learn all about that in this module.

Module 3: Protecting Your Family & Your Money
What good is wealth if you don’t have the right insurance to protect you against life's biggest risks?

Although it’s an important part of your Wealth Master Plan, insurance can be full of landmines.

I will help you determine what risks you need to protect against most, and how to do that without getting taken advantage of by an insurance company.

Module 4: Planning For “Chill-tirement”
Want to be able to “relax” more one day?
Want to do more activities that you enjoy?
Want to completely quit your job?

Whatever you see your future self doing, we’re going to uncover how to plan for it.

Many people put retirement (or as I call it, “chill-tirement”) on the back burner, or don’t contribute enough, or to the right accounts to get to their goals.

You’re going to get clarity not only on what to do going forward, but how to do a check up on the retirement accounts you may already be contributing too.

Are you a business owner? There are lessons in here just for you, too!

At the end of this module, you’ll know how much to contribute, and to what type of accounts.

Module 5: Investing Optimization
This is the largest part of the Wealth Master Plan training course.

I have over a decade of experience in the stock market and I'm here to empower you to create, and take control of your portfolio.

I teach all about constructing a portfolio that meets your needs and risk tolerance.

You’ll also learn how to seek out expensive funds in your current portfolio that may be draining your wealth, and how to invest in low cost, low stress funds.

You'll also get access to my master list of top ETF's and top ETF investing categories.

If you’re looking to learn strategies like stock picking, technical analysis, and dividend stock investing, this module gets you there.

All things investing (down to using your brokerage account to place orders) are covered!

Module 6: Tax Strategies
Taxes are most people’s largest expense in life…yet, most people don't spend the time to really understand them.

I teach taxes from top to bottom in a digestible way, and uncover the tax strategies you can use in your own money life to KEEP more of your money.

Keeping more money in your pocket = growing your wealth faster!

You’ll also learn how to determine if you should use a Roth or Traditional retirement account (or both), choose a CPA, and more!

Module 7: Protecting Your Legacy
When people think of estate planning, they think this is only for very wealthy people.

That is simply not true.

You want to protect your assets, be sure they pass as you wish, and make important decisions about what happens to your minor children, and more.

It’s an essential part of your Wealth Master Plan that ties everything together, and helps you sleep well at night. You'll learn it all here!

Strategies & Techniques You'll Learn:








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