How to Make Talking About Money not so Taboo

by | May 14, 2019

Talking about money has always been taboo. We're told that you never ask someone about their finances because it's just plain rude.

It certainly can be, depending on the specific questions you're asking. Of course, it's still rude to this day to ask someone how much money they make.

However, opening up about general financial questions or tips should be perfectly acceptable brunch banter, especially with those we trust and love the most.

If we, as women, were more open about discussing our financial pitfalls and wins when it comes to wealth building we may feel more supported in our financial journey overall. This support can lead to motivation to achieve greater things.

This article discusses how you can confidently open up about your finances and break down the rumor that talking money with friends is unacceptable and un-fun.

Share Openly

The best way to get others to open up is by you doing so first! Don't be afraid to start the conversation.

Start with those who you're closest with and feel the most comfortable opening up to.

If you can be vulnerable enough to share what's going on with you financially, others may be willing to do the same.

They may even want to open up, but felt it was taboo or boring to bring up.

So be brave and confidently share what you are doing (or not doing) when it comes to your money.

Tip: A few mimosas may help with sharing openly.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to get your pals talking about money.

You can start with a statement about you, then open it up to them.

A few good questions to ask:

“Hey girl, I'm really wanting to learn about investing, have you done any research on it before or have any interest?”

“So, I'm wanting to look into retirement accounts, but I feel confused af… what are you using for a retirement plan?”

If you mention something about what you're thinking/feeling first, it makes it seem like less of a spotlight is on your friend.

Your friend may say that they have no freaking idea about any of it, but they'd like to learn. Then, you both find yourself on a financial learning adventure together (with wine in hand).

No Judgment Zone

If you want to have honest conversations about money you have to remember that everyone does money differently.

Don’t go into comparison mode!

If you start comparing your financial ways to how or what another friend does or has this can go downhill fast.

Instead of you learning and engaging with your friend, they may shut down and close up.

The opposite of what you want to happen!

Celebrate the Victories Together

If we are going to combat the stereotype that talking about money is taboo, then we need to start being proud of our money accomplishments.

Women especially tend to want to down play this information, but I encourage you to stand up, be proud and celebrate your wins!

Just paid off 2k in debt?

Got a promotion at work that will allow you to save an additional $500 a month?

Just got paid out dividends on your first stock investment?

Share this awesome news with a trusted friend and do a celebratory dance together! Little wins are big accomplishments in regards to your financial journey and they need to be celebrated!

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